Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lieberman: Our Troops Must Stay

Writing for the Wall St. Journal, Senator Joe Lieberman summarizes the current state of affairs in Iraq.

A quick summary is:

  • The Iraqi people are better off than they were three years ago
  • The future of Iraq is likely to be better than it is now
  • The terrorists/insurgents are the minority, not the majority. 27 million Iraqis vs. 10,000 terrorists.
  • We have made some mistakes in the past
  • We have learned from those mistakes and are doing better now
  • Although Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the war, Iraqis are increasingly optimistic about their own nation
  • These events dovetail with several other positive events taking place in other Arab nations
  • The worst thing we could do now would be to prematurely withdraw from the region
Read the whole article for all the details.

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