Friday, January 05, 2007

Colorado Governor: PETA "A Bunch Of Losers," "Frauds"

Just in case you thought PETA might actually believe their rhetoric, read the above article.

Thousands of cows and other animals are freezing and starving to death in Colorado, due to the massive snowstorms they have been having recently.

When asked if they would do anything to help these animals, PETA spokespeople said they would not. With respect to the cattle, they said it would be pointless to save animals destined to be eaten. With respect to wild animals, they declared it an "act of God" and chose to do nothing.

In other words, PETA only cares about animals when they are being used to benefit humans. When animal suffering is not caused by humans, is costing farmers a lot of money, and is serving no meaningful purpose, PETA doesn't care one whit.

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