Friday, November 09, 2012

My view on climate change

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In a completely unrelated blog, I posted the following comment, describing my opinion on climate change, the politics thereof, and citing two books that I think summarize my opinion better than any other source has. (I've cleaned up the grammar a little, so it doesn't read like a reply to someone else's blog post, but the content is otherwise unchanged..)

I realize that my opinion is far from the majority opinion (at least according to the news media), and I am aware of the fact that most of my friends disagree. If you'd like to comment, please don't use this message as a soapbox to present opinions I've had shoved in my face a zillion times over. Such replies will be deleted. If you want to convince someone of your political opinions, there are dozens of forums where such discussions are welcome.

That being said, my message:....