Monday, March 18, 2013

Krebs on Security: The World Has No Room For Cowards

And you thought you had problems. Write an article that pisses off the wrong criminal and they'll forge a 911 call that looks like it came from your phone. You'll have the unmatched pleasure of trying to explain yourself to a police SWAT team while handcuffed with guns pointed at your head.

Fortunately for Mr. Krebs, he got a threat about this several months ago and informed law enforcement that this might happen, so the situation was resolved with a few phone calls. The next person they do this to might not get a warning.

I thought it was bad that I was put on someone's list for complaining about spam in a public forum, but this takes the cake.

Now the real question is: will the FBI decide to investigate this or will it all get swept under the rug? In any sane world, a coordinated attack like this should produce a swift and strong response against the guilty party. But the world is anything but sane.

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