Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dry Bones: Left and Right

Left and Right
Yaakov Kirschen. Thursday, August 24, 2017

A really close friend from America was visiting us and saw this cartoon. He's politically savvy, sharp, and intelligent, but his reaction to the cartoon shocked me. He was unaware of the antisemitism of the left. He'd never heard of the violent antifa movement, and he was ignorant of the antisemitism of the Black Lives Matter organization. Most of his information comes from Main Stream Media and he's been guided by the politically correct stance of American Jewish groups.

I took the opportunity to sell him a copy of my brand-new Dry Bones anthology "Dry Bones Cartoons Fight Back." That led me to think that maybe I should be selling YOU a copy(either for you or for you to pass on to a similarly uninformed friend).

The book is on sale at Amazon where, in addition to the (over sized) anthology there's a Kindle copy (and a bookshelf of other Dry Bones books). And if you buy a copy PLEASE leave a review. It would be really helpful.

I normally don't like to repost someone's entire blog post, since I don't want to take traffic away from their site, but I think Mr. Kirschen's text makes an extremely important point. I'm including his plug for his new book in the hope that those people who don't click through to the original article will at least have an opportunity to support the author by buying one or more of his books.

This having been said, I can't stress enough how much this point needs to be made. The riots at Charlottesville two weeks ago did an incredible job of exposing the media's insane biases. At this riot, there were "alt-right" violent hate groups (Nazis, KKK, skinheads and other "white nationalists") and there were "alt-left" violent hate groups (Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other "black nationalists"). And there were peaceful groups on the right (like groups interesting in preserving our history) and peaceful groups on the left (like church groups voicing opposition to the alt-right groups.

But what did the mainstream media report? They reported about the alt-right hate groups and the peaceful left-wing groups. There was almost no reporting about the alt-left hate groups or the peaceful right-wing groups. As far as the media was concerned, this was Nazis, Klansmen and skinheads beating up on peaceful counter-protestors, and nothing else happened. And as a result, most people (who, lets face it, get their facts from the media) believe that's all that happened, and therefore can't understand why Trump condemned "both sides" for the violence. The press are claiming that Trump condemned the peaceful counter-protestors (not true) and are calling him a Nazi because he didn't single out the alt-right for condemnation. They refuse to admit that there were violent alt-left groups present committing just as much violence as the alt-right groups, because doing so would contradict their false narrative that all violence and hatred comes from the right.

Violent hate groups of all political stripes want to destroy American civilization. They all hate and want to kill Jews. They all want to destroy Israel. And they are all therefore deserving of condemnation in the strongest terms. This isn't a matter of left-vs-right or Republican-vs-Democrat but of liberty-vs-tyranny and freedom-vs-oppression. Those who choose to favor one hate group over another are only contributing to the breakdown of the civil society that has been going on for far far too long already.

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