Thursday, September 01, 2005

Orson Scott Card: Gaza and the Israeli Settlers

Card analyzes the current Israeli political situation. Specifically, Sharon's move to forcibly remove all Jewish settlers from Gaza.

His analysis (which I won't repeat, because it is somewhat involved - go read the article) seems solid, but it does not leave me with a good feeling about the man.

While Card's analysis may make perfect sense from a global-politics point of view, ultimately, this policy boils down to forcing people out of their homes in order to create a PR campaign. This is especially disgusting and hypocritical when you note that Sharon (who was not Prime Minister at the time) was one of those trying to convince as many Jews as possible to move into Gaza.

My prediction (which is far from mine alone) is that this policy is not going to change a thing. The terrorists will continue to use Gaza as a base of operations for attacks against Israel. They will now start demanding more land, including Jerusalem (and based on recent reports of attacks there, this may already have begun.) And what is Israel going to do? They're either going to have to wage an all-out war (destroying any sympathy from the press) or they'll sit back and let their people be murdered (which seems to have been their policy up until now.)

PR stunts may work fine for drumming up global sympathy, but they won't do squat for bringing about peace. When you're dealing with an enemy that sincerely believes in victory-or-death, and victory means your complete annihilation, you only have one option - to give them death. Until Israel (regardless of who is in charge) faces this reality, every action they take is just another euphemism for surrender and suicide.

Maybe I'm being far too pessimistic here. I certainly hope I am. But so far, those who disagree with me can only point to wishful thinking to back up their arguments.

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