Thursday, November 17, 2005

Orson Scott Card: The News vs. the Truth? - Or - McCarthy Is Dead, So Get Him Back Into His Grave Already!

I'll let the article speak for itself and only add that none of this comes as any surprise to me.

I am no expert in world politics. I rely on what I hear from others to get an idea of what's going on around the world.

I am, however, an expert in other subjects - computer technology and a few other scientific areas. When the press reports on the subjects for which I have expertise, they almost always get all their facts wrong. Even the most basic facts that they could verify through a 5-second Google search. I can say with absolute certainty almost every single technology article they write is flat-out wrong, either because they don't know the facts, or because they deliberately choose to publish lies.

It is only logical to conclude that they get everything just as wrong.

So when Mr. Card publishes proof that the French media deliberately and knowingly published a work of fiction as a news story, and the rest of the world knowingly supported the lie, it doesn't surprise me one bit.

And to think that there are still people who wonder why I don't read newspapers anymore.

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