Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Windows Vista - train wreck on ice

A disgruntled Microsoft employee calls for the termination of Microsoft's top brass, due to Vista's repeated schedule slippage.

More interesting are the numerous comments (hundreds) that follow. Many of them are from Microsoft engineers complaining about all kinds of horrible things. Microsoft is clearly a Dilbert company. And I now feel a lot better about my company (which isn't even close to this disaster.)

And I'm very happy I didn't accept Microsoft's job offer back in 1998!

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JamesQMurphy said...

It's sad... people screaming for people to be fired, etc. The trouble is, firing people rarely accomplishes anything... it simply replaces experienced idiots with less-experienced idiots.

I guess Vista is going to me the next Windows ME. There's no compelling reason to upgrade. Heck, if I really feel like installing WinFX (their version of Glass) then I can install it on top of XP. But again... why?