Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Apple - We'll put up, not shut up

You may recall Steve Jobs open letter, Thoughts On Music, where he called on the record labels to allow Apple to sell music without any digital rights management (DRM) restrictions.

Well, one record label took the bait, and Apple is following through with their end of the deal. In May, all iTunes Store songs published by EMI will be available without DRM. More specifically, these songs are 256K AAC (double the bitrate as before) and sell for $1.29 ($0.30 more expensive), and have no DRM.

The existing 128K AAC DRM-protected songs are still available for $0.99. Customers who have already purchased EMI songs may upgrade them to the new format (256K, no-DRM) and only pay the difference in price ($0.30).


Andrew said...

I'd cough up the extra bucks for HIGHER QUALITY + NO DRM! Too bad I hate iTunes. Go Winamp!!

Shamino said...

Well, without DRM, you can use iTunes to buy the tracks, then drag the file out of iTunes to the location on your hard drive that you prefer, and play them with WinAmp.

Andrew said...