Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How stupid do scammers think you are?

For some stupid reason, I decided to read a message in my spam folder. You've got to be the dumbest person on Earth to fall for this scam.

The mail message (with contact info stripped, just in case you're that dumb) is:

Subject: Parcel Withheld For Security Reasons

P.O BOX 55, NEW YORK NY, 10116-0555

This is to notify you that we intercepted your parcel from DHL/UPS courier service from delivering the parcel to you for security reasons stated below.

1. Our scanning system detected your parcel containing a confirmable CARD to the tune of US$1, 500,000.00 USD.

You are obliged to obtain A Duly Sworn Affidavit from the Spanish High Court in Spain to back up the the origin of the Parcel,this is in line with the Anti Terrorist Campaign due to the Law Implemented by Usa Goverment to protect and reduce the terrorist activities.

We kindly advise you to contact the Agent in Madrid, Spain to get the Sworn Affidavit for you, while we wait to receieve it to enable us terminate the delivering of your parcel containing Credit Cards/Draft/Cheque and Other Personal Items to your home address,please note that the cost of the Affidavit only cost $139 which must be paid by the receiver of the parcel.Below is the Agent in charge he will advise you on how the payment should be made, contact him immediately you receive this notification.

Name: Mr Michael Boston
Tel:0034 xxx xxx xxx

We shall forward the card to you as soon as we receive the Duly Sworn Affidavit,we are doing this to secure your interest considering the Credit Card frauds and stolen cheque which brings problem to America Citizens and all around the world.

Your Prompt response is most highly desired to terminate the delivering of your parcel.

God Bless America

Mr William R Gillian, Jnr
Chief Postal Inspection Service.

Now, shall we point out all the stupid things you'd have to believe in order to believe this mail? In no particular order:

  • That somebody would send me $1.5M
  • That somebody would send me $1.5M without contacting me first.
  • That somebody sent $1.5M without a return address
  • That the US post office's e-mail address is "" or "". (It's not - it's actually Those two domains are actually not owned by anyone.)
  • That the US post office has my e-mail address (they don't - I've never given it to them)
  • That the US post office monitors and intercepts overseas packages that ship via DHL and UPS. (They don't. Customs might, but the post office doesn't.)
  • That the US post office opens packages that they're waiting for recipients to claim
  • That the US post office not only opens packages, but uses the contents, including scanning cards to determine the contents
  • That the US post office would ask me to confirm receipt of a package without saying what's on the return address, despite having opened the package, used the contents, and telling me their findings.
  • That the US post office won't release a package they're holding without legal documents from a foreign court.
  • That the US post office employs agents in foreign countries for the purpose of handing out these documents.
  • That you have to phone Spain to contact someone working for the US post office who can help with releasing a held package even though the return postal-address on the mail is a New York address.
  • That someone working for USPS would use a "" (a free webmail service) e-mail address for official business.

So, is there anybody on Earth who would believe all this and therefore send $140 to a random person in Spain?


Jen Regelman said...

Thanks for posting this. It brightened up an otherwise cold and miserable snow day.

While funny, I still want to see the chuckleheads responsible prosecuted to the ends of the Earth..

Chlomyster said...

Mmmm the way the letter is worded is usually a tell-tale-sign including any spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, my elderly father fell for gimmicks like this and while researching I came across your blog. Some of the material that's out there is almost laughable, if it were not for the fact that people are being scammed for thousands of dollars. Thanks for posting it as every little bit helps.