Friday, August 01, 2014

AP: Century-old pipe break points to national problem

AP: Century-old pipe break points to national problem

The rupture of a nearly century-old water main that ripped a 15-foot hole through Sunset Boulevard and turned a swath of the University of California, Los Angeles, into a mucky mess points to the risks and expense many cities face with miles of water lines installed generations ago.

Notice how although the article talks about "budget crunches that slow the pace of replacement", they made a point of not mentioning why the budgets are so tight.

Maybe there would be plenty of money if they weren't flushing all their tax revenues down the toilet on providing unnecessary services to a population that can't stop begging for more, giving the full benefit of our entitlement programs to people living in the country illegally, regulating low-cost contractors out of business, and generally spending hundreds of billions of dollars on things far less important than making sure the water mains are kept in good repair.

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