Wednesday, January 07, 2015

What were they thinking? - Princess Elsa Pinata

Princess Elsa Pinata

Queen Elsa is more than ready to attend your upcoming Frozen themed birthday party and have a blast at the most enchanting event of the year! Pinata measures 30 inches high by 13 inches long by 13 inches deep and can be filled with up to 3lbs of candy and toys. This beautiful pinata can be used as centerpiece decoration for your food table or just fill with candy and toys and play the traditional party game!

And in the "what were they thinking" department, you can now take the star character from the most popular animated movie, fill it with candy, and then have children beat it with stick until it breaks apart. Just the thing for traumatizing pre-teens.

h/t The Devil's Panties.


Drew said...

I bet Hans would buy one...

Nachoha said...

No this would be for the parents, you fill it with tiny bottles of booze