Friday, April 22, 2016

AP: Trump team tells GOP he has been 'projecting an image'

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Trump team tells GOP he has been 'projecting an image'

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) — Donald Trump's chief lieutenants told skeptical Republican leaders Thursday that the GOP front-runner has been "projecting an image" so far in the 2016 primary season and "the part that he's been playing is now evolving" in a way that will improve his standing among general election voters.
Trump's newly hired senior aide, Paul Manafort, made the case to Republican National Committee members that Trump has two personalities: one in private and one onstage.

"When he's out on the stage, when he's talking about the kinds of things he's talking about on the stump, he's projecting an image that's for that purpose," Manafort said in a private briefing.

In other words, Mr. Trump stands for nothing and believes in nothing. Or if he does stand for something, he has not let anyone of us know what it is. He and the guy running his campaign have stated what the rest of us have suspected all along - he's putting on a show in order to trick people into voting for him. If you haven't figured it out from the fact that he tells each audience what they want to hear even when he contradicts himself to do so, then this should prove it.

Is he going to build a wall on the Mexican border like he loudly promised? Maybe not. Lower taxes? Raise taxes? Subsidies for corn farmers? Who knows. But when his top people are now on record as saying that everything he says is just role playing and doesn't mean a thing, I think this is something we should all believe.