Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MacRumors: Apple Watch Stands Up to 1,200m Swim Workout and 10m High Dive Test

Apple Watch Stands Up to 1,200m Swim Workout and 10m High Dive Test

The Apple Watch has been put through a variety of waterproofing tests since its public launch in April, but over the weekend endurance sports and tech blogger Ray Maker posted a few Apple Watch-related waterproof videos, including the first lap swimming test with Apple's new wearable.

As Maker notes in his blog post, many people have uploaded videos detailing simple waterproof tests in smaller backyard pools, but there has until now been little information on the Watch's ability to withstand higher-intensity swimming activities. As he notes, "It’s the wrist hitting the water that’s so difficult for watch waterproofing due to the impact forces," so that's what he decides to focus on in the test. After about 25 minutes in the water and a 1200 meter swim, Maker found results similar to most other waterproofing tests over the past few weeks - the Apple Watch remains seemingly unharmed by even the most daunting submerged water tests.

This is pretty impressive. I don't think I'm going to want to put my own to the test (if and when I decide to buy one), but this does show that there should be absolutely no problem wearing it in the rain, or at a water park.

The beach may be problematic, but due to possibility of salt and sand getting under the crown, not due to water.

Still, it is worth noting that when Consumer Reports tested the Apple Watch, that one out of 4 samples failed a 24-hour submersion test:

We set our depth-test chamber to match the water-resistance specification claimed by each smartwatch manufacturer. We submerge the watches, then check them for proper functionality immediately upon removal from the chamber, then again 24 hours later. The stainless-steel Apple Watch passed the test on the first try. The first aluminum Apple Watch Sport we put through our immersion test seemed fine when we took it out of the tank, but we experienced problems with it 24 hours later. We then tried two more samples, which showed no problems, so the Apple Watch Sport passed our water-resistance test.
The failure may have been a manufacturing defect, but defect or not, you probably won't get a Warranty replacement if it fails after being submerged in water, because the water-resistance rating Apple is publishing only promises 30 minutes at 1m depth. I'll be interested to read the reports when, in the future, some people try for warranty replacement after submersion in water for longer than 30 minutes or at a depth greater than 1m.

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